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Reunion Successful! . . But it does not end there! . . 101 Class Members, 29 Staff Found! Search Continues! . .


Woodville High School Graduation Class of 1965 Home Page

Did you study Leaving Honours or Teach at Woodville High School in 1965?

If so, we are still looking for you!

A reunion of students of the Woodville High School graduation class of 1965 was held during Easter 2007.  Most activities were held on Easter Saturday and Sunday. 

This website is designed to provide information for and assist with communications between the members of the Reunion Class and the current Woodville High School Community. It will continue to grow and change as more Class Members and information about 1965 are found, so come back often!

The reunion activities were mostly held at the school, with the cooperation and assistance of Woodville High School administration, current students and the Woodville High School Old Scholars Association.


The Reunion group is searching for all those who attended classes 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D at Woodville High School and all administration and teaching staff connected to the Leaving Honours classes. 

Quite a few members of the class and staff from 1965 have been found (see scrolling headline above), and the search goes on ....
If you are a member or know of anyone who is a member of the Woodville High School graduation class of 1965, please contact us at contact@whsclass65.org

The reunion organisers thank principal Meredith Edwards, other staff and students, plus the Woodville High School Old Scholars association for their assistance with the reunion organisation and events.


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